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Alliegro Campaign...for Campton

To those who supported our election campaign and voted me into office, I thank you once again.  It is now time to work together, to secure a great future for our town. 


In Concord, I will be working within a House majority, so our interests — our voice — will be heard in the Capitol.  I will advocate for lower taxes, a balanced budget, reduced government interference in our daily lives, and to secure the liberties guaranteed in our U.S. and New Hampshire constitutions. 


In the County Legislative Delegation, I will be facing a majority that will continue to push for ever-expanding budgets and higher taxes.  I will do my best to hold the line.


While I do not hold an official position in Campton town government, my aim is to work alongside our Campton office holders to achieve the same goals of controlled spending and responsible government that works for  the people.


I will campaign just as hard for the residents of Campton at the state, county, and local levels.  I hope that you will join me, and we will all benefit, together.  Please use the  Contact  page on this website to send your questions, comments, and advice.

Website sponsored by the Alliegro Campaign, 41 Hemlock Hill Rd., Campton, NH 03223. Please use the Contact  page for inquires.

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