Welcome to the State Legislators' Hall of Shame!

You may think it unusual for a candidate to list an opponent's voting record.  It is — but facts are facts.  And in this case, your current Representative's voting record is so bad, it's important for you to know.  Here is just a sampling of House Bills (HB) proposed by State House Democrats.  On each and every one, your current Representative voted "yea".  Is this the kind of "representation" you want for 2020 and beyond?  No?  Then you know what to do on November 3:  Vote him out!

Voted to increase spending 13%, raise taxes by $400 million, and create a massive deficit at the end of the two year budget (HB1)

Voted for a State Income Tax (HB712)

Voted to repeal crucial voter integrity laws (HB105)

Voted to weaken our current voter laws (HB106)

Voted to infringe your Second Amendment and Article 2a rights (HB109, HB 687)

Voted to force businesses to pay an unsustainable State minimum wage (HB186)

Voted to raise taxes on New Hampshire employers (HB623)

Voted for a devastating Capital Gains Tax. (HB686)

Voted against banning a State Income Tax (CACR12)

Voted for a disastrous income tax (SB1)

Voted to give New Hampshire Drivers' licenses to illegal immigrants (HB397)

Voted to establish local taxes on hotels and room rentals (HB641)

Voted for over 20 new or increased fees (HB682)