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On Representation

Here is an issue that is not usually foremost in peoples' minds, but is no less important:  access to your Representative.  It has been our experience here in Campton that our State "Representative" goes to Concord, casts votes to raise our taxes and restrict our Rights guaranteed in the 2nd Amendment, and then is seldom seen.  Facing tough reelection prospects, he recently claimed that he will "review his voting record”.  Perhaps he should have considered the views and beliefs of his Campton constituents before he cast those harmful votes.  Apparently not.  In fact, I am finding that very few people even know who our State Representative is.  That will change with Mark Alliegro as our State Representative.  I will hold regular office hours in Campton where you can ask me questions face-to-face, offer advice, point me towards important matters, or even give a piece of your mind if you feel it is needed.  I will meet disagreement with courtesy and respect — a significant break from the condescension and scolding that we now witness (if you don't believe it, contact me and I'll point you to primary sources).  I will represent our views in Concord while working alongside you back home to keep Campton a great place to live, work, and raise our families.

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