How Will Mark Alliegro Vote on the Issues?

What's Important To You?

There are plenty of other topics of importance, but they can't all be addressed here.  I will add more to this section as the weeks go by.  Meanwhile, if you would like to know where I stand on any issue of importance to you, please  click here and ask away.

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The Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Article 2a of the New Hampshire State Constitution reads:  "All persons have the right to keep and bear arms in defense of themselves, their families, their property and the state."

I don't think it could be stated more clearly.  It does not read "Some persons have the right to bear certain arms for particular reasons if allowed by the government."  Article 2a of the New Hampshire State Constitution and the Second Amendment to the U.S. Constitution are in perfect accord.

Education and School Choice

I have served as an educator for over 35 years, teaching everything from medical school and college classes, to grade school kids.  I know that throwing money at our schools will solve very few problems.  Like the rest of the Country, New Hampshire spends more money on education every year, with no observable improvement.  Improving education is as simple as (A) Returning to the fundamentals:  mathematics, history and civics, English, literature, and basic sciences;   (B) Reestablishing discipline; (C), Restoring control of education to local schools and parents.  In the meantime, if your child is attending a failing government school, you should be allowed to place him or her in a charter school, or home-school them if that is your choice.  We must dispel the myth that charter schools drain money from public education.  Charter schools are public schools.  When a parent decides to move their child from a failing government school to a charter school, only a fraction of the taxpayers' dollars follow that child. The government public school does not lose money, in fact it gains money on a per capita basis.  Meanwhile, charter-  and home-schooled students consistently outperform the rest.  In short, I will support policies aimed at getting the government out of our classrooms, and allowing New Hampshire parents to decide where and how their children are educated, especially since not everyone has the wealth to pay for a private school.

Drug Addiction

The first step must be to keep the drugs out of our schools, out of our neighborhoods, and altogether out of our Country.  More than 50% of the heroin that comes into the United States comes across our southern border, carried by illegal border crossers.  More than 50% of the methamphetamine and 80% of the cocaine that comes into the United States is brought here the same way.  It is only common sense, then, to shut down illegal border crossings.  This can be done, in large measure, with a wall — both physical and technological; by providing our border patrol agents with effective rules of engagement, and by removing the rewards  for illegal immigration.  We must direct those addicted to rehabilitation centers that actually work, instead of short-term facilities that sport 90% recidivism rates.  We must also impose consequences on those who deal drugs illicitely — on the streets and in our clinics. And finally (for this entry), we must launch an effective education and public relations program, not unlike the one used to reduce smoking.  In Concord, I will support policies aimed at any of these goals, and more.

Taxation, Business, and Economic Issues

We need to remind ourselves that the fruits of our labors are ours. You didn't work all week just to have your paycheck "redistributed" by the government.  Yet, every time you turn around, the state and federal government has its hand in our pockets.  Sometimes they pretend you are not being taxed by calling it a "fee".  They think we are stupid.  If you click here, you will go to a very small sampling of the new taxes and "fees" that our Democrat friends in Concord want to suck out of your wallet.  The full list is downright obscene.  Businesses are throttled by taxes and regulation that limit growth and employment.  The fix is simple:  limit the size of government, and cut back on regulations that stifle you and your businesses.  New Hampshire has a hard-working and well-trained work force.  I will vote for any policies in Concord that unleash our economic potential and limit government interference.